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What Are Bow Bugs and How Can I Get Rid of Them?

It's possible you have encountered bow bugs before without knowing it. The most obvious sign of a bow bug infestation is if you have a bow that seems to have lost a bunch of its hair all at once or the hair is falling off in clumps. That's because the bow bugs have been happily munching away at it. You might even see some of the hair sticking out of the case.

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The Mohr Bowmaking Workshop - Reflections by Samantha Kadisch

LIVS Bow Expert Samantha KadischSamantha Kadisch, The Long Island Violin Shop’s very own luthier and bow expert, is on a journey to becoming a bow master! We had the opportunity to learn about her experience becoming a bow maker at a recent workshop she attended on the craft of bow making. Take a look at our exclusive interview and, if you’re due, be sure to schedule an appointment for a rehair with Samantha today!

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CodaBow Introduces the Diamond Series

The Long Island Violin Shop is pleased to have some of the first examples available of the Coda Bow Diamond Series. Working closely with prize-winning bowmaker Roger Zabinski, CodaBow has developed a bow of exceptional beauty and playability.

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