Thomastik Infeld Spirit! Cello Strings - 4/4

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New from Thomastik Infeld - Spirit! Cello Strings, an inspiring string family for all who love making music. The creation of the Spirit! string line for cello was founded on the principal that making music should bring joy! Developed for both the advancing student and aspiring artist, Spirit! Strings provide the capability to produce a distinguished sound for every kind of music. These strings feature a vibrant, warm sound with easy response. They are highly durable and ensure stable tuning.

  • A - Steel Core, Chromium Wound (38.4 lbs. tension)
  • D - Steel Core, Chromium Wound (31.5 lbs. tension)
  • G - Rope Core, Chromium Wound (31.5 lbs. tension)
  • C - Rope Core, Chromium Wound (30.0 lbs. tension)

These Spirit! Strings are only available in a full set for 4/4 Size cellos.