Important Update Regarding COVID-19 Precautions and Service Options

UPDATE: 12/19/21

For Your Safety and Ours during the COVID surge -until further notice- We ask for your gracious cooperation:

Entry by appointment, one family at a time.

To Schedule an appointment please call (855)-FIDDLE-5

or email:

When you arrive at the store, please telephone:

Huntington (631)-427-3569

Smithtown (631)-982-1566

Setauket (631)-941-6535 

If you have arrived without an appointment, let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you

ABSOLUTELY No Entry without mask

UPDATE: 12/19/21


Q: Does my child have to wear a mask?

A: The Long Island Violin Shop will require all students and staff to wear masks or face coverings at all times.

Q: Can children bring their own masks from home?

A: Yes. Proper face coverings can be a surgical mask, cloth mask, balaclava or bandana and must completely cover the individual's mouth and nose. Plastic face shields are not acceptable

Q: Will masks be provided to students who do not have one?

A: If needed, a mask will be provided by the LIVS.

Q: Are there any allowable exceptions to the requirement to wear face coverings?

A: Regrettably, no. Students who are unable to tolerate a face masks are encouraged to maintain their lessons virtually. To discuss possible options, please speak with Carole Reinwald at 631-427-3569 or

Q: Will temperature scans or health screenings be required?

A: Not at this time. Parents and students are expected to monitor their own health and stay home if they feel unwell or have been exposed to Covid.

Q: Should a student or staff member stay home if they have come in contact with someone who tests positive for COVID 19?

A: Yes, they should stay home or go home immediately, and inform an LIVS staff member. They must then quarantine for 14 days from the last date of contact with the person.

Q: What should a student or staff member with a suspected or confirmed case of COVID 19 do?

A: Students and staff with symptoms of illness, or a positive test, should stay home. If they are on the premises, they will be sent home immediately.

Students suspected of having COVID-19, or testing positive, awaiting transport home by their parent/guardian, will wait in a designated isolation room with a supervising adult present utilizing appropriate PPE.

Staff members who have come into contact with a student or other staff member suspected of having COVID-19, or testing positive, will also be required to quarantine at home until a case can either be confirmed or denied.

Q: How will the schools be cleaned and disinfected?

A: The Long Island Violin Shop will ensure adherence to standard hygiene and cleaning and disinfection requirements.

Regular cleaning and disinfection of the facilities will occur, including more frequent cleaning and disinfection for high-risk and frequently touched surfaces which should be cleaned and disinfected between each individual’s use. Cleaning and disinfection will be rigorous and ongoing and will occur at least daily, or more frequently as needed.

The LIVS will ensure regular cleaning and disinfection of restrooms. Restrooms should be cleaned and disinfected more often depending on frequency of use. Disinfectants will be products that meet EPA criteria for use against COVID-19.

Q: How can families help promote a safe and healthy environment?

A: Please continue to follow all recommendations from health officials, including:

· wearing a mask in public

· social distancing when possible

· limiting non-essential contact with others to minimize exposure

· washing hands frequently and thoroughly

· avoid touching eyes, nose, and mouth.

· coughing/sneezing into a tissue/your elbow

· disinfecting frequently-touched surfaces

· staying home when sick

· avoiding others who are sick

The health and safety of our clients and employees is our top priority. That is why we are following the Swiss Violinmaking Federation's guidelines for COVID-19 hygiene.

VIOLIN & BOW MAKERS COVID-19 HYGIENE This document was prepared by the Swiss Violinmaking Federation and shared with other colleagues of the Entente Internationale des Maitre Luthiers et Archetiers D’Art


· All staff should wash or sanitize their hands regularly.

· Employees wash/sanitize their hands after arrival at the shop, as well as before and after every

contact with a client.

· Clients wash or disinfect their hands when they arrive

· A sink with soap and paper towels and/or disinfectant is available to employees and customers.


· Employees and other people must keep six feet between themselves.

· Workstations are six feet apart or are divided in different rooms.

· Floor marks as needed will define the customer area

· Only one customer may enter the shop at a time, except a parent with a child.

· Any items are to be exchanged without direct contact and maintaining a six-foot distance.

· Any persons, staff and customers, must wear a face mask when on our premises.

· Clients are received by appointment only, and personal contact time remains limited.



· Use sanitizing wipes regularly to clean surfaces and objects after use

· Because of the risk of damage to instruments, alcohol should be used only by trained staff members to sanitize instruments

· Doorknobs, telephones, keyboards, sanitary facilities, etc. are disinfected at least twice a day.

· Tools that are shared are regularly cleaned and disinfected.

· Instruments, bows and boxes are isolated within the shop and disinfected if necessary 


· High-risk employees will work in separate rooms, follow the above protocols regarding contact with colleagues, and have no contact with customers.


· Clients and staff who are not in perfect health should stay home and may not enter the workshop.

· Clients and staff who suddenly feel unwell should leave the shop at once.

· Infected employees will isolate themselves for 14 days.

· If necessary: the entire shop will go into quarantine.


· All customers items are disinfected or quarantined three days before any work is carried out.

· Clients may want to quarantine their items 3 days at home after recovering it.

· When possible, staff will handle one instrument at a time, sanitizing between touching items.


· Inform customers and employees of regulations and procedures.

· People not in perfect health should leave the shop immediately and follow government isolation guidelines.

· Co-workers will be regularly informed of the workshop's protective measures.

· Clients will be informed in a timely manner of the workshop's protective measures.


· Will implement and adapt safeguards to ensure adequate protection for vulnerable people.

· Will maintain stocks of protective supplies (soap, disinfectant, PPE)

· Will regularly update and remind employees and customers of hygiene protocols.

· Ensure your own health and have a good attitude.