NYSSMA Dress Rehearsal

Sunday, March 19th
Sunday, March 26th

Want to get some feedback for your NYSSMA piece
before your actual NYSSMA date?

Nervous about NYSSMA and want to get in a test run?
Here is your chance!

The Long Island Violin Shop will be hosting its annual NYSSMA Dress Rehearsal Day(s).

Sunday, March 19th from 10 am to 5 pm, in Huntington 
Sunday, March 26th from 10 am to 5 pm in Setauket

This has proven to be a huge success for our students as they are given an opportunity to perform their selected scales, solo piece, and sight reading for our judge. We look forward to seeing everyone’s participation this year!

Cost to participate is $30.00 per student. The payment must be completed prior to the audition date.

Students are to arrive, a minimum of 10 minutes prior to their scheduled dress rehearsal time, as they should in a similar fashion for their actual NYSSMA appointment. All students should have their instruments out and ready for the start of their audition time and should not play until their actual audition as to not distract other people currently doing their audition.

Students must provide music for the judge. 

Although it is usually recommended for students to dress on the more formal side for their actual NYSSMA appointment, it is not necessary for this dress rehearsal.

Students will be assessed on a broader scale rather than on a more specific, numeric, scale as traditionally seen in a student’s actual NYSSMA scoring since this performance is utilized for feedback rather than as a predictor of your actual NYSSMA performance.

Students will benefit from receiving comments from our designated judge,
which will be useful information to apply during their remaining NYSSMA preparation time.

Dress Rehearsal times are scheduled on a first-come-first-served basisso be sure to sign up as soon as possible to guarantee a preferred time slot.

To schedule an appoinment please call our Smithtown shop at (631)-982-1566 or send your inquiry via email to Marissa@liviolinshop.com.
Please note: This dress rehearsal is not affiliated with the NYSSMA organization, and has no direct impact on the score students will receive at their actual NYSSMA appointment. The Long Island Violin Shop does not use official NYSSMA grading sheets or sight-reading excerpts. Students will receive comments only, and this event should not be a prediction or indicator of what score a NYSSMA judge will give a student. The purpose of this dress rehearsal is to give students a chance to go through their material in a similar manner to their actual NYSSMA appointment and to perform for an adjudicator.

Students who arrive late to their appointment, forfeit their scheduled time, as well as their payment.