1923 John Juzek Master Art

$ 9,500.00

This 1923 Juzek Master Art violin has been painstakingly restored to perfection by Master Violin Maker Charles Rufino. It has been given a new bass bar, tonal adjustments and acoustic enhancements.

This instrument is an exquisite example of an early twentieth century violin made in the Czech Republic. The Juzek Master Art models stand apart from other Juzek models as they have traditionally been made from the finest selection of top-notch European tonewoods.

Legend has it, John Juzek (1892-1965), a Czechoslovakian luthier who worked in Prague during the early 20th century, scoured demolition sites to find aged tone woods from ancient houses and churches dotting the countryside. A maker and business man, the Juzek label was applied not only to his own creations, but those crafted by local shops that produced instruments to his exacting specifications for American export.

Juzek exported a wide variety of instruments ranging in quality from student models to the elite Master Art Series – fine tonewood replicas of exceptional classic violin patterns from Stradivarious, Guarnerius, Gagliano, Testore and Maggini and others.