Bridge Cletus 4-String Electric Bass

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The neck and headstock are carved from a single maple block. The neck is hand colored with oils for a fast, smooth, and traditional finish. The ebony fingerboard is shaped to professional specifications.

The Cetus features a hollow-molded body shell of carbon-fiber and Kevlar composites that provides a high strength to weight ratio.

The Cetus is fitted with Tyrolean-style engraved brass plate machine heads. The instrument is fitted with Thomastik Superflexible strings. These strings have a rope core of quality steel laces for durability and stability of tuning. Bridge violins use an encapsulated pickup system integrated into the bridge, utilizing all the advantages of a traditional bridge and capturing the warmth of tone synonymous with their acoustic counterparts.

The tone control is a parametric, not a boost/cut controller, changing the tonal range of the instrument. Each Cetus has its own bespoke electronics with a frequency dedicated to string configuration.

The Cetus features an abony tailpiece and plug. A notched steel rod with a removable rubber protector provides stability for playing upright.

Category: Electric Bass

Vendor: Bridge

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