Pirastro Chorda Gut Cello Strings

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Chorda from Pirastro was designed with the baroque instrument and player in mind. These gut strings have a brilliant, soft sound, with endless possibility. A unique characteristic of Pirastro Chorda is the low tension string setting which allows for a comfortable left hand feeling. The A and D Strings are made with plain sheep gut, while the G and C are wound with unpolished silver plated copper wire.

Chorda strings are manufactured in three gauges (steps in 1/2 PM) at Full Size (4/4). G and C strings wound with unpolished copper wire, which give a darker overall tone, are popular in Europe and are available as special order items  (only available in one gauge).

The Set only comes in medium gauge and features Gut A 21, Gut D 29, Gut G Silver-Plated Copper 27 1/2, Gut C Silver-Plated Copper 36. If these sizes and variations seem confusing to you, and you don't have a lot of experience with Gut strings, please ask your teacher for assistance, or call the LIVS to speak with a string expert prior to making your purchase. 

Category: Cello Strings

Vendor: Pirastro

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