Thomastic Infeld Vision Titanium Orchestra Violin Strings

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Vision Titanium Violin

Orchestra: Vision Titanium Orchestra strings are targeted to orchestra players as well as chamber music players. They are lower tension, have a richer and warmer sound, and a feel and tone quite similar to gut core strings. Vision Titanium Orchestra strings have been developed to replace gut strings and can be mixed and matched with synthetic core strings and pure gut strings. Ball ends are made of Titanate and the surface is treated in a special way. High standards are guaranteed by a team of highly specialized technicians constantly doing research in Thomastik-Infeld's own lab. Every string at Thomastik-Infeld is wound and checked by hand

A String - Aluminum Wound, Ball End
D String - Silver Wound, Ball End
E String - Titanium Design, Ball End
G String - Silver Wound, Ball End

The Vision Family of Strings
Designed to fulfill the needs of advanced violinists, yet suitable for students of all levels.

Wound on an advanced synthetic core, while their highly polished surface allows for effortless left-hand technique. All are designed to settle in quickly, can achieve a stable tuning within a very short time and are exceptionally easy to play. Their durability is unsurpassed compared to other synthetic core strings. Select from strings designed for orchestral, chamber and solo playing.

Category: Violin Strings

Vendor: Thomastik Infeld

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