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Hello LIVS Friends!

I hope the school year is wrapping up smoothly and that you are looking forward to the joys of summertime. As the Long Island Violin Shop's education coordinator and primary cello teacher, I would like to offer any help I can provide, and encourage your students to stay in the habit of practicing and reading music in order to grow musically and creatively, especially on this long break from school lessons.

I am thrilled to be offering weekly summer music lessons at the shop, with a focus on keeping your child’s practice skills charging ahead so that he or she is advancing throughout the summer. Whether you're interested in Violin Lessons, Viola Lessons or Cello Lessons, the LIVS has steallar teachers who can guide you on your path to proper technique, enhance your music reading skills and further you're love of music.

If you, or your child, are interested in private music lessons please contact me at the Long Island Violin Shop and I will be happy to help. We can schedule lessons here at our Studio, or assist you to find a great teacher in your area. We have a huge database of violin teachers, viola teachers and cello teachers across the nation, and we would be happy to pair you with a qualified, LIVS approved professional.

Estefan Cortez

Have a wonderful summer!


Estefan Cortez | Education Coordinator
The Long Island Violin Shop
8 Elm Street | Huntington, NY 11743
p. 631.427.3569
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