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Electric Violins

Electric Violins


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Electric violins are incredibly versatile instruments that add a unique sound to any ensemble. Perfect for any style of music, these instruments are ideal for everything from producing the gentlest melodies to arena-rousing rock. At The Long Island Violin Shop, we’re proud to offer one of the best selections of electric violins in the New York Metro Area, at competitive prices.

We carry a wide range of top brands, including John Jordan, Mark Wood, NX Design, Volta, Realist, and Yamaha. And, we have all the parts and accessories you need to make your instrument your own, from strings and bows to bags, pickups, amplifiers, and more.

Buy Electric Violins Online

The Long Island Violin Shop makes it easy to buy electric violins online. We have our complete inventory online and we share our prices, so you know exactly how much your new instrument costs. You will find everything from traditionally designed electric violins to innovative custom-made violins that stretch the imagination as to how a violin should look.

Of course, if you want to test out models’ side-by-side, you can also just contact us today to schedule an appointment to visit our incredible showroom. Whether you’re a veteran violinist or you are just getting started on the instrument, we are here to help you with whatever you need. Our talented staff of experienced players and luthiers will help find the perfect instrument for your style and budget. And if you need lessons or repair and restoration services, we have you covered.

Need help picking the right electric violin? Just call our retail store today at (855) 343-3535 and speak to one of our staff. If we are out of a brand or size you want, don’t worry. Just inquire about placing a special order* with us and we can usually find exactly what you’re looking for.

*Special orders are subject to pre-payment.