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Small Sizes for Children

Children need smaller size instruments and choosing the right size for them is important.  Too large an instrument will be impossible to play and can injure a child.

It's always best to come into our store and have one of our professionals size your child for their instrument, or have their teacher help you do it, but if neither of those options are available to you, then we suggest following this guide for finding the right size instrument.

Have the player stand with their arm extended at a right angle from their body and palm facing upward. Take a yard stick and place one end at the players neck. Measure from the neck all the way out to the middle of the palm of the hand. If you are unsure about what size to order, ask the help of your teacher.

Up to 15 1/4" : order 1/16 size violin or cello

15 1/4" up to 16 3/4" : order 1/10 size violin or cello

16 3/4" up to 17 1/2" : order 1/8 size violin or cello

17 1/2" up to 18 3/4" : order 1/4 size violin or cello, 11" viola

18 3/4" up to 20 1/4" : order 1/2 size violin or cello, 12" viola

20 1/4" up to 22 1/8" : order 3/4 size violin or cello, 13" viola

22 1/8" and up : order 4/4 (full-size) violin or cello

23 1/4" up to 24 7/8" : order 14" viola

24 7/8" up to 25 5/8" : order 15" viola

25 7/8" up to 26 3/8" : order 15.5" viola

26 3/8" up to 27 1/8" : order 16" viola

Over 27 1/4" : order 16"  viola


There is never a charge to switch sizes, so when in doubt, order a smaller size.

Remember It's better to play on an instrument that is a little bit too small than too big.

If you are having your rental shipped to you, please be certain about what size you are ordering as you will be responsible for return shipping charges as well as the cost of shipping the correct size.