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The Long Island Violin Shop is committed to music education, advocacy, conservation and professional excellence in New York State and around the world. Our staff remains at the forefront of the luthier industry through continuing education and training as well as attendance at industry conferences and seminars. As members of professional and trade organizations, we actively support the advancement of our field, the business of music, and music education. The following is a small sample of the organizations that Charles Rufino, and the staff of the LIVS actively participate in and support with our membership.


Professional & Trade Organizations

National Association of Music Merchants Logo

NAMM - National Association of Music Merchants

The National Association of Music Merchants is the not-for-profit association that promotes the pleasures and benefits of making music and strengthens the $17 billion global music products industry. The association—and the NAMM trade shows—serve as a hub for people wanting to seek out the newest innovations in musical products, recording technology, sound and lighting. NAMM's activities and programs are designed to promote music making to people of all ages.

Entente Internationale des Luthiers et Archetiers Logo

ELIA - Entente Internationale des Luthiers et Archetiers
The International Society of Violin and Bow Makers

The Entente was established with the aim of bringing together master craftsmen on the basis of friendship and exchange and for taking any steps deemed pertinent to defending their working conditions, developing understanding of their art, perfecting teaching methods for their students and combining the strengths and talents of each member in order to promote a revival in the art of violin and bow making.

Violin or bow makers certified by the Entente Internationale are sure to offer the highest level of professionalism for all requirements related to string instruments. Instrument or bow maintenance, regular repairs, tonality and also restoration of the most prestigious pieces of our instrumental heritage.

American Federation of Violin and Bow Makers Logo

American Federation of Violin and Bow Makers

The art of violin and bow making represents a body of knowledge that has been handed down for centuries from one generation to the next. The American Federation of Violin and Bow Makers’ mission is to enhance the public's understanding and appreciation of the violin and bow families, and of related areas of expertise, including the making of new instruments, as well as conservation and restoration of historical and modern instruments. Now numbering over 170 of the finest makers, dealers and restorers in the United States and Canada, the Federation has strict requirements for membership. In addition to submitting an example of his or her work for review, a prospective member must have at least nine years of experience working in the profession.

International Pernambuco Conservation Initiative USA Logo

IPCI - International Pernambuco Conservation Initiative

The International Pernambuco Conservation Initiative USA is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the conservation and sustainable use of Caesalpinia echinata, Brazil's national tree, commonly known as pau brasil or pernambuco.

Pernambuco has been used in the making of bows for over 250 years, enhancing the performance of stringed music for generations. The wood's native habitat in Brazil's Atlantic Rainforest has been reduced to fragments of its original extent. Today, pernambuco is increasingly rare and endangered in many areas of its native habitat.

IPCI is working to ensure the future of stringed instrument music by increasing scientific knowledge of pernambuco and restoring the species as a fundamental part of the Brazilian landscape. We support research, replanting programs, educational outreach and other conservation measures.

Huntington Township Chamber of Commerce Logo

Huntington Chamber of Commerce

Incorporated in 1925 as a Chamber of Commerce in the Village of Huntington, the Huntington Township Chamber of Commerce represents the interests of business, industry, financial service, not-for-profit and other professionals within the greater Huntington area. Its mission is the promotion of business, economic development and job creation through the coordinated effort of its membership.


Education & Music Advocacy

American String Teachers Association Logo

ASTA - American String Teachers Association

The American String Teachers Association is a membership organization for string and orchestra teachers and players, helping them to develop and refine their careers. The organization provides a vast array of services, including instrument insurance, an award-winning scholarly journal, discounts on publications and resources, annual professional development opportunities, and access to collegial network of colleagues throughout the string profession.

Grace Music School

Grace Music School is family owned and operated. Since opening their doors in 2001, they have strived to treat their clients like they are part of the family. They also recognize that without their clients, Grace Music School cannot succeed. Therefore, they are committed to providing music instruction of the highest quality and the most positive pleasant experience possible

Suzuki Organization of the Americas Logo

SSA - Suzuki Association of the Americas

The Suzuki Association of the Americas (SAA) is a coalition of teachers, parents, educators, and others who are interested in making music education available to all children. The SAA provides programs and services to members throughout North and South America.

National Guild for Community Arts Education Logo

National Guild for Community Arts Education

The National Guild for Community Arts Education supports and advances lifelong learning opportunities in the arts. We foster the creation and development of community arts education organizations by providing research and information resources, professional development, networking opportunities, funding, and advocacy on behalf of the field.

The Violin Society of America Logo

The Violin Society of America

The Violin Society Of America reflects a broad range of interests and concerns of those interested in violins and the art of making instruments and bows of the violin family. The VSA is a non-profit organization created for the purpose of promoting the art and science of making, repairing and preserving stringed musical instruments and their bows. Membership in the VSA reflects a broad and diverse range of interests and concerns, including craftsmanship, acoustics, innovation, the history of instruments and performers, technique, performance practice, repertory and other matters pertaining to instruments of the violin family.

The American Viola Society Logo

The American Viola Society

The American Viola Society promotes interest in the viola by encouraging performance and recording at the highest artistic level, by the continued study and research of our instrument and its repertoire, and by providing a vehicle for the ongoing development of the fraternal bond among violists.

The New York Viola Society Logo

The New York Viola Society

The New York Viola Society includes among its members noted professional violists, teachers, students, amateurs, viola and bow makers, repairers and dealers, and friends of music. Each year NYVS presents a series of concerts with programs of depth and imagination, offering new and rarely heard works along with more standard repertoire. Through their concert series, Scholarship Program and other activities, NYVS seeks to provide opportunities for performance and study by violists as well as encourage a better understanding of the viola by local concert audiences and the public.

New York State School Music Association Logo

NYSSMA® - New York State School Music Association

The mission of the New York State School Music Association is to advance music education across New York State for its membership and students in member school programs. Membership in NYSSMA signifies a commitment to the profession, to excellence in music education, and to professional growth. It represents your active participation in the most significant professional force in music education in the State of New York.

Suffolk County Music Educators Association Logo

SCMEA - Suffolk County Music Educators Association

Suffolk County Music Educators' Association is an organization that consists of professional music educators and advocates of music education throughout Suffolk County, New York. SCMEA is a county affiliate of the New York State School Music Association (NYSSMA), a state unit of the Music Educators’ National Conference (MENC). SCMEA sponsors and organizes numerous All County Music Festivals each year for students in grades 5-10, as well as other performance and education initiatives. In addition to offering professional development opportunities for our members, SCMEA serves as an advisory board to local school systems and awards numerous music scholarships to students of Suffolk County school music programs.