Will Franke - North Carolina

Thank you again for installing my StringAmp system. I really could not be happier with my violin and I make really interesting music these days. Audiences definitely notice the different sound and it sets me apart even if most people...

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Michelle S. - Port Washington, NY

I bought my violin here. I am now an "advanced" beginner. The service and inventory are wonderful.And I love my violin's chirpy soul.  I am a fiddle player, btw.So I'm  asked, What's  the difference between a violin and a fiddle?Answer:...

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Stephanie Coiro - Smithtown, NY

If you are looking for Violin Lessons for your child, I could not speak highly enough of Marissa at The Long Island Violin Shop. My son Holden, who's 6, and homeschooled, out of nowhere expressed interest in learning Violin. Marissa...

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Shanan T. - Lake Orion, MI

Wow.  Just wow.  The service.  I spent 15 years in retail, and another 15 years in health care, so I know about customer service.  I ordered something from here because I hate Amazon, this was about the only other place...

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Emily Caravella - Wethersfield, CN

I am ALWAYS grateful for Mr. Rufino and his amazing staff! Not only has he helped make sure my viola is well maintained through the years, he's helped me get my first Wood Viper 5-String electric violin and most recently...

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Alexandra Brobmann - New Hyde Park

Friendly and knowledgeable staff. They took the time out to measure my children and fit them with their instruments. We didn't feel rushed or pressured to buy anything else. The staff demostrated such pride in their instruments, and they loved...

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