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The Musician's Advantage Program

The Long Island Violin Shop has launched a new educational tool for musicians and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.  Countless times, parents come into our shop and truly wish to support their children yet feel that they don’t have enough knowledge to adequately do so.  Some ask interesting questions about instrument care, practice schedules, school programs and youth orchestras, which we answer but can see that their heads are spinning as they try to absorb so much information while standing at the counter on a busy Saturday afternoon.  Others simply waltz in, rent an instrument, tell their child, “I know nothing about this, let’s go home”.   The Long Island Violin Shop is your resource and we wish to assist young students, adult musicians, and teachers, so we’ve created the Musician’s Advantage Program.

We’ve compiled questions asked by parents and created content to help explain multiple concepts to assist parents and students as they embark on their musical journey and continue on the road to becoming an advanced musician.  When you enroll in our *free program, you chose instrument and level and begin the journey.  About two or three times each month, you will receive an SMS text message, geared to be relevant to your level and instrument.   These messages might provide a link to an educational article or video for you to review and then share and explain to your child.  There are links to video performances that have been carefully selected by our staff to inspire you and your young musician.  There are links to the Long Island Violin Shop’s exclusive content that has been sequentially laid out to progress from beginning concepts to more advanced.  The videos aren’t designed to teach anyone how to play an instrument but rather to give them a tip, a trick, or show something that isn’t likely to be taught in a lesson.  Topics addressed include beginner concepts such as how to loosen your bow, how to pack up and store your instrument, how to set up your practice space, and progress to more advanced topics such as the importance of listening, different ways to warm up, and learn to stretch and avoid injury.  This valuable information, presented in short videos to help students grasp each concept, is sure to help parents help their children develop their skills, keep their interest, and become better musicians.  

Teachers and adult musicians will follow their respective journeys and receive information that is relevant to them.  All Musician’s Advantage members will receive exclusive discounts and offers on our products and programs and will have the opportunity to answer an occasional poll.  As many of our customers aren’t local, these savings opportunities are available in our shop and online. 

Please take a moment to sign up for this wonderful program, offered only by the Long Island Violin Shop, and begin your journey today.

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*Note: The program is free, messages rates will apply depending on your carrier and plan.  You may opt out at any time.