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Why Choose The Long Island Violin Shop?

Whether you are a beginner, an advanced student, or a professional, the LIVS is the perfect place for you. In addition to our core services of Sales, Rentals, Repair and Restoration, our focus on empowerment and education for our clients gives them a boost in musical development. There are many reasons to choose the Long Island Violin Shop. Here are the Top 10:

1. Unparalleled Experience

With over 40 years of successful operation, the Long Island Violin Shop is known nationwide and has thousands of satisfied customers. Our reputation with our clients and among our colleagues is second to none.

2. We Put Our Clients First

Not only do we provide outstanding customer service, we are always seeking new and improved ways to serve our clients. Whether fine instruments and bows, new products such as cases and strings, or services and support, we are always on the lookout to seek out and evaluate the best of the new.

3. We Focus On Value

We sell online and in our store at the same low price! Plus our goods and services, regardless of price, represent excellent value for our clients. You may find another shop which does the job for less money, but not one that will give you better value. We are proud of our Reality Based Pricing™ for instruments and bows: as the price goes higher, you can easily see, hear, and feel the difference.

4. We're In The Musician Business, Not The Music Business

We love musicians, music, and instruments, and we see our primary role as optimizing the relationship you have with your instrument. Whether we are caring for your treasured instruments, advising you on insurance, or helping you sell an instrument, we do it right; first time, every time, never taking shortcuts that may give you headaches or heartaches later.

5. We Treat Both Beginners And Experts Right

All of our services have options tailored to the needs of both beginners and experts, with a strong emphasis on matching the individual with the appropriate choice. We make a concerted effort to gauge the player's needs in order to guarantee an enjoyable experience. Many of our clients are new to music, and we enjoy making their experience a pleasant and stress-free adventure. Parents appreciate their children being treated with the same respect as adults. And many discerning professionals also trust us with their treasures.

6. We're Professionals And Experts

We proudly proclaim we are professionals and experts, not to boast, but to serve you. Our founder and director, Charles J. Rufino, is an acknowledged Master Violin Maker, and we follow internationally recognized guidelines in all we do. Mr. Rufino has served as an instrument consultant for major music corporations.

7. Relationship

Your relationship with the Long Island Violin Shop will continue so long as your musical adventures do. As your musical needs grow and change, we will be here to support you.

8. We Promote Musician Education

In order to realize your potential we give you the tools to help develop a sense of harmony with your instrument. Even our youngest clients develop a sense of self-confidence and security with their instrument after learning the basics of instrument care. We have seen how this helps students realize their potential, grow as musicians, and experience a deep sense of pride in their accomplishments.

9. We Pay Attention To Every Detail

From the moment you enter our shop, you will feel and see that our reputation is not just our expertise, workmanship and service. From the color scheme to the decor, we have created an atmosphere of joyful vitality to make your visit memorable. We demand the highest conduct standards of our staff and believe you will appreciate the difference.

10. We Understand It's More Than A Hobby

Music can be a way to create memories and build friendships to last a lifetime. More than just playing notes, it is about developing new skills and confidence while experiencing some of the greatest works of art ever created. For parents, hearing your child develop into a mature musician, playing an instrument with mastery, is a priceless experience that will enrich your family life. We promise we will do our part to make your journey a joyous one.