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Advanced Cellos


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It can take many years, often a decade or longer, before a cellist attains such a level of proficiency with their instrument that an upgraded cello that’s capable of greater versatility is required. An advanced cello is often needed because as the player’s experience continues to grow, many new and difficult techniques will be introduced that an intermediate cello is simply not capable of accommodating.

Advanced cellos are better able to respond to a variety of different bow strokes, thus allowing the instrument to produce a wider dynamic range, more powerful projection, and higher aesthetic qualities. From advanced students performing in their first competition to cellists beginning their post-secondary level studies, the best advanced cello can help them achieve their goals and give them the room they need to continue to learn.

Best Cellos for Advanced Players

The Long Island Violin Shop is the #1 source for all things strings in the Northeast. With an impressive selection of the best cellos for advanced players, we are the place to find your next instrument. Our team of skilled luthiers, talented musicians, and premier instructors are committed to ensuring every cellist has access to the highest quality instruments and accessories, regardless of their skill level.

For most cellists, their advanced cello will be the instrument that they will play for most of their learning lives because the next step up is a professional cello. At the Long Island Violin Shop, our advanced cellos are hand-made with well-aged wood and professionally set up right here in our studio. Your new instrument is designed to play exceptionally well and stay in tune. This is essential because a quality sound will encourage you to play more. And the more you play your cello, the better you’ll get.

Our advanced cellos are what you need to keep growing as a musician. This impressive instrument delivers a clean, open sound and a broader platform to explore your skills with fewer of the constraints commonly found in less responsive instruments.

When you put your trust in the Long Island Violin Shop, you have our word that we’ll do everything we can to help you feel confident in your purchase and find an instrument you'll love playing for years to come. Call our retail store at (855) 343-3535 and our staff of players and luthiers will help guide you to finding the perfect instrument for you.