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Viola Bows


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Every viola needs a bow for it to be played. But while some beginner kits can come with both an instrument and bow, the reality is that choosing a bow for your viola is usually recommended because every bow reacts and sounds differently. Every player has unique needs and skills. As a result, choosing among different viola bows for sale can be a deeply personal affair. 

At The Long Island Violin Shop, we have a wide selection of viola bows for all players, from the beginning student to the professional musician. We carry many of the top brands, including Arcos Brasil, CodaBow, Kramer, Mouton Schuster, and Sousa. And we represent many of today’s most noted contemporary artistic makers such as John Norwood Lee, Douglas Raguse, and Roger Zabinski, among others. 

Visit our showroom in Huntington, New York, or shop with us online to find high-quality viola bows for sale regardless of your skill level.

Buy Viola Bows

When you are shopping to buy viola bows, certain things need to be taken into consideration to help ensure that you choose the best bow for your musical journey. From the type of material the bow is made from to how the frog feels in your hand, every part of the bow can impact how you you’re your viola and articulate your musical story. For this reason, we always recommended trying different bows out with your viola to help find your perfect match.

When comparing models, you will most likely discover that some bows are less comfortable to use, while others flow more naturally. Make sure you play both fast and slow pieces because you want to know how the bow responds to accents and dynamics. 

Consider the different characteristics of the viola bows as well, such as their weight, balance, and flexibility. Some bows may be too stiff and heavy, whereas others may be too flexible. Try viola bows made from wood as well as carbon fiber, as each can produce sounds differently. 

If you are starting out on the viola, then congratulations on taking the first steps in your musical journey. The team at The Long Island Violin Shop can help you find the perfect bow for you. Or, if you are a more advanced player who is looking for a greater selection of viola bows for sale, then we’re also the place for you. 

So many musicians in the Northeast put their trust in the Long Island Violin Shop, and we look forward to helping you find the best viola bows for your skill level and goals, too. Call our retail store at (855) 343-3535 and our staff of players and luthiers will help guide you to finding the perfect viola bows for you.