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Shipping Instrument and Bows

Do not ship instruments without contacting us. We will make all shipping arrangements and provide you with a return shipping label.

If you are returning instruments on trial, please be aware that you are responsible for the safe return of any instruments and bows.

Please use the original shipping box and packing material and follow the instructions below to repack and ship each item that you are not purchasing.

In order to avoid incurring fees for negligence or damage, you must follow the directions below in earnest. If not, you will be subject to any/all damages that occur during shipment.  

Make sure you have an acceptable shipping box. 

A weak box will not protect a shipped instrument. We ship instruments in double-wall corrugated cardboard boxes rated 275 Lb. test. The box should also be large enough to accommodate 2 inches of packing material on each side of the instrument case. If you don't have a suitable box, we can ship you one for a small fee. 

Pack the instrument in the case. 

Place a note in the instrument case with your name, address, and telephone number. Describe any problems you had with the instrument, or any damage you noticed prior to shipment. 

Pack the instrument and/or bow carefully. 

Place padding around the instrument inside the case as well as under the end button. Place padding around the body so it will not bounce around. A turban around the head of the instrument, padding under the fingerboard and tailpiece, and padding around the bridge are essential. 

Bows being shipped in a bow case must have the hair loose.  We ship bows with small foam squares to keep them from banging against the ends of each slot inside the case.  Center the bow in the slot so and slide the foam up to the end.  If you have any doubt about the strength of the latches, secure the case with a rubber band or cord.

Pack the case in the shipping box.

Put two inches of packing material on the bottom of the box and lay the case inside the box. Surround the case with the packing material to ensure even protection on all sides of the instrument case. Add additional packing material if needed to fill all open spaces. Reseal the box using shipping tape and attach return label. 

Ship the instrument. 

Bring the box to your nearest UPS center. Be sure to save your shipping receipts, which serve as proof of insurance, until we verify the safe return of the instrument. Do not ship the instrument before confirming a delivery date with us. Never ship an instrument so it is in transit over a weekend. 

If you have any concerns or questions, contact us before you pack or ship the instrument!