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Beginner Cellos in Long Island, NY


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Whether you are a beginner cellist or revisiting the instrument after a long break, selecting the right beginner cello will make all the difference in the world when starting out on your musical journey. Taking the time to choose the right starter cello can’t be stressed enough because if the instrument doesn’t fit your body or playing style, you will be less likely to continue with your lessons. And with so much joy waiting for you in this instrument, you don’t want to give up on your dream of mastering the cello too early.

Starter Cellos

At the Long Island Violin Shop, we firmly believe that starting out with the right instrument helps eliminate many of the hurdles that might otherwise derail your musical journey. Our team is committed to helping you learn to love the cello as much as we do. Our skilled luthiers go above and beyond to provide each customer with a personalized shopping experience, including offering expert advice to help match you with a beginner cello that you’ll enjoy playing for years to come. 

Our starter cellos are handmade and selected to meet your specific needs. Our professional luthiers spend hours going over every detail to ensure your beginner cello can provide you with the ease of playability, beautifully rich resonance, and tonal depth you love and expect from this classical stringed instrument.

Cellos for Beginners

While our staff is always on hand to help you find the right cello for your needs, knowing what to look for in a good-quality beginner cello before you start looking is also beneficial. The best starter cello is one that feels comfortable and easy to play, and offers a full, balanced tone. It should be made from solid carved wood, and high-quality materials that allow it to produce a robust, beautiful sound. 

Even though an instrument is considered a starter cello, everything should work as intended. For instance, the pegs should hold their tune yet allow you to easily change strings when necessary. The fine tuners should operate smoothly, and the endpin should hold its position without being too heavy. The bridge should be perfectly fit to your cello, not too thick or too thin, and have proper curvature on top. Lastly, the height of the bridge and nut, as well as the shape of the fingerboard, should be properly in-line to make playing the instrument easier and more enjoyable for the beginner. 

The Long Island Violin Shop will gladly help you select the starter cello that best meets your current needs and budget as well as your future goals. We offer a range of high-quality cellos for beginners as well as all the accessories you’ll ever need to enjoy your new instrument to the fullest. We even offer in person and virtual cello lessons taught by local cellists. 

Need help finding that perfect starter cello? Call our retail store at (855) 343-3535 and our staff of players and luthiers will help guide you to finding the perfect instrument for you.