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Cello Rentals in Long Island, NY

Our Program

The Long Island Violin Shop offers a different type of cello rental program than you might be used to. When you rent a cello from us, you build rental credit with every payment. 100% of your rental payment may be used toward the purchase of an instrument when you are ready to purchase.  Every payment you make brings you closer to owning your own cello. 

Another thing that sets our cello rental program apart is that the cello you get isn’t a run of the mill, standard cello. You get an original, handmade cello that is designed to last for generations with the appropriate care and maintenance. 

At The Long Island Violin Shop, we are with you every step of the way on your musical journey. We make it easy to get a cello and to learn it. We offer free tunings, all the accessories you’ll ever need, and a full-service repair shop should your instrument ever require repair.

Rent Cellos

We offer two cello rental programs to choose from – our Standard cello rental and a Scholastic Strings Premium rental program. Our Standard rental program is ideal for those starting out to those with an intermediate understanding of the instrument. Our Scholastic Strings Premium rental program is designed for those ranging from intermediate to advanced, and who are looking for a higher quality instrument.

After the initial contract period, you rent month-to-month.  Standard rentals may be upgraded to Scholastic at any time.

To learn more about how our instrument rental program works, click here. If you are ready to rent, call us today at 855-343-3535 or stop by our showroom. Our cello rental in Long Island can help you or your child learn to play this timeless instrument, so contact us today to get started!