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Cellos are most associated with European classical music but in recent years the instrument has been featured in everything from pop and rock to rap recordings. The instrument’s deep, rich tones offer an incomparable element that make it an essential component in any string quartet or chamber group. At The Long Island Violin Shop, we’re proud to carry an impressive range of cellos for every type of player, from beginners to professional cellists.

The Long Island Violin Shop is the ultimate resource for all your cello needs. We not only have a wide variety of styles, options, and sizes available to choose from, but we also have everything you need to enjoy your new cello to the fullest. Whether you shop online or in-store, you’ll find we have all the strings, bows, cases, and other accessories you’re looking for.

Long Island’s Best Cello Shop

We’re Long Island’s best cello shop for a reason. We not only have all your instrument needs covered, but we also provide ongoing support for you and your investment long after your purchase is complete. Our Service After Sale policy provides you with 12 full months of free repairs and setup adjustments. Our free instrument checkups can identify developing problems, so they can be fixed before they become detrimental to your instrument. And with our 100% trade-up policy, 100% of the price paid for any instrument or bow purchased at The LIVS may be applied toward the next size or any other instrument or bow in our shop.

Our commitment to your musical journey is what truly sets our cello store apart. From helping you find the perfect cello for your style and budget to helping you maintain your new instrument in perfect playing condition for years to come, we are here for you every step of the way.

Need help finding that perfect cello? Call our retail store at (855) 343-3535 and our talented staff of players and luthiers will help guide you to finding the instrument that best fits your style, budget, and skill level. If we don’t have the brand or size you want, don’t worry. Inquire about placing a special order* and we can usually find the instrument you’re looking for.

*Special orders are subject to pre-payment.