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Violin Rentals

At The Long Island Violin Shop, we take the wants and needs of our customers seriously. We understand that not all families can afford to purchase a violin outright, so we offer a violin rental program that can help you get the instrument of your dreams with the convenience of a payment plan. Unlike most violin rentals, when you rent a violin from us, 100% of your rental payments get applied to the instrument’s equity. Over time, you will pay the instrument off and take ownership of it.

Whether you purchase a violin outright or pay for it over time through our rental program, the instrument is nonetheless an investment. That’s why we don’t provide you with a standard rental viola. When you rent from The Long Island Violin Shop, you get an original, high-quality handmade violin that will not only enhance your learning and playing experience, but also one that will last for generations with the appropriate care and maintenance. 

The Long Island Violin Shop is a full-service music shop, so we also have everything you need to get the most out of your violin. Along with complimentary tunings we also offer virtual and on-site violin lessons, and our showroom has all the violin accessories you’ll ever need.

Rent Violins

We have two violin rental programs to choose from, so whether you’re a beginner, an intermediate player, or an advanced musician, we have a rental program for you. Our Standard violin rental is designed for beginner and intermediate level students whereas our Scholastic Strings Premium rental program is for intermediate to advanced level students. While both rental programs come complete with a violin case and bow, strings, and a rosin cake, the Scholastic Strings program features upgraded components.

If you are new to the violin, then for an additional cost you can pick up a Standard or Premium Beginner’s Kit to help enhance your violin playing experience. Our Standard kit includes a shoulder rest, a foldable music stand, and your choice of method book, while our Premium Beginner’s Kit comes with a collapsible shoulder rest, foldable music stand, and your choice of method book. Either kit makes for the perfect complement to your new violin as it helps make it easier and more comfortable to play the instrument, especially for beginning students. 

To learn more about how our instrument rental program works, click here. Or if you are ready to rent a violin, call us today at 855-343-3535 or stop by our showroom. Our violin rental in Long Island can help you or your child learn to play one of the world’s most beloved stringed instruments, so contact us today to get started!