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Cello Bow Cases


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A cello is a carefully crafted instrument that, if not cared for properly, can easily become damaged. Its delicate nature and price commands that it be stored in a safe and secure case between playing sessions. But as delicate as the cello is, so too is the bow you use to play it. A cello bow is made from very strong and durable wood, but it is thin, and this makes it prone to breaking if not protected. Plus, the bow hair can easily become stained or damaged if LEFT OUT. For these reasons, the bow should ALWAYS be stored in an appropriate cello case OR BOW CASE.

At the Long Island Violin Shop, we have a wide selection of cello bow cases to choose from, so finding the right one for your unique needs is easy. We also carry all the accessories you need to get the most out of your instrument. We even offer virtual and in-house lessons and repair services should your instrument or bow

Cases for Cello Bows

When you are storing your cello bow between playing sessions, placing it in its own case is just one part of the process to help ensure this delicate instrument remains protected and ready for your next session. Follow these steps when storing your bow in its case:

  1. Wipe the stick with a clean, dry cloth
  2. Loosen the tension on the hair until it is completely slack.
  3. When placing the bow in the case make sure it is secured with any bow holders, and that all latches are safely closed.

If you want to store your bow long-term, you might consider placing a mothball in the case to protect from moths, which will eat hair, ivory, and tortoiseshell. Wrap the mothball in a tissue and avoid contact with the bow itself. As instruments and bows are sensitive to temperature and humidity, monitor the humidity with a hygrometer, and humidify as needed.

Whether you're looking for a case to hold one bow, or SEVERAL, the LIVS has the solutions you need. Our experienced staff of luthiers is always on hand to help assist you in finding the right products and accessories for your cello playing experience. When you purchase one of our cello bow cases, we have all the confidence in the world that you’ll be fully satisfied with your purchase.

Need help finding the best cello bow case for your needs? Please call us at (855) 343 - 3535. Our expert staff will ensure that you select the right bow case for your bow. At the LIVS, we’re committed to ensuring every customer leaves happy and satisfied.