Service After Sale

After your purchase, our work is just beginning. We help you understand how to properly care for your instrument and bow, safeguard them from damage, and protect your financial investment.

100% TRADE-UP - 100% of the price paid for any instrument or bow purchased here may be applied toward the next size or any other instrument or bow in our shop

We are delighted to take instruments and bows back in trade, and allow 100% of the original sales price toward instruments and bows of greater price, after subtracting the cost to put the instrument back in saleable condition. This includes any credit allowed from a rental or earlier trade-in of an instrument or bow. Cases are not included in trade-in value.

FRACTIONAL TRADE-UP PRICE GUARANTEE - Fractional instruments trade-up to the next size for a low fixed price, making ownership very affordable. 

APPRAISALS - Written appraisals for insurance are included with all instrument purchases at no cost. 

INSURANCE ADVOCACY - If you are considering making a claim on your insurance, our experience is at your disposal. Insurance companies know us and trust us. We can advise you before you make a claim, be your advocate during the process, and make sure no details are overlooked in any settlement. 

INSTRUMENT WELLNESS - For 12 months any necessary repairs and setup adjustments are done free of charge. Some examples are open seams and bridges that need to be lowered. We spot developing problems and keep your instrument healthy with free checkups and mailed reminders. 

GUIDANCE - Whether you are looking for a new instrument or bow, a step-up, or your dream-come-true, you will be able to choose from select instruments and bows in a broad range of prices.  

INSTRUMENT LOANS - If your instrument or bow needs repair, we will be happy to lend you an instrument while the work is being carried out.