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Service After Sale

Our mission at The Long Island Violin Shop is to help all musicians to flourish: students, teachers, and professionals. Our ongoing Service After Sale is designed to help you properly care for your instrument and bow, safeguard them from damage, and protect your financial investment.  You should have received an insurance appraisal, plus pamphlets on Instrument Care and insurance. Please read these documents provided to understand our Service After Sale.

INSTRUMENT WELLNESS - For 12 months, any seams and fingerboards needing to be reglued or any bridge or soundpost adjustments are free of charge.  Wear-and-tear repairs like worn strings or bow rehairs are not covered.  We mail reminders and provide free checkups to help us to intercept developing problems and keep your instrument healthy.  If your instrument starts giving you trouble, it just needs love and attention.  Our Musician’s Guide to Instrument Care was included with this notice to help you understand what to do to keep it healthy.

INSTRUMENT LOANS - If your instrument or bow needs repair, we are happy to loan you an instrument while the work is being carried out.

FREE APPRAISALS - Written insurance appraisals for your instrument or bow are included free with all instrument and bow purchases- a $200 value. Keep the original with your purchase receipt and send a copy of the appraisal to your insurance broker.

INSURANCE- We recommend purchasing instrument insurance at once, without delay. Clients of ours have returned three days after a purchase with destroyed instruments.  We are not in the insurance business and our only interest is to help you make an informed decision.  Please read the enclosed Musician’s Guide to Instrument Insurance.  If you have any questions about this vital topic, please contact us without delay.

INSURANCE ADVOCACY - If you are considering making a claim on your insurance, our experience with insurers is at your disposal.  We can advise you before you make a claim, serve as your advocate during the process, and make sure no details are overlooked in your settlement.

TRADE-UP GUIDANCE - When you are looking for a new instrument or bow, either your next step up, or your “Dream Come True”, you will be able to choose from select instruments and bows in a broad range of prices with a consultation to meet your specific needs.

TRADE-UP POLICY – As you become a better musician you will need to step up in quality to continue to make musical progress.  We happily accept full size bows and/or acoustic instruments purchased from the LIVS in trade from the original purchaser at the price paid toward the same type of instrument or bow.  Electric instruments may not be traded in. 

We generally allow 100% of the price paid minus the work required to put the instrument back in perfect condition. Full size instruments or bows purchased for $3,000 or less will receive trade-in credit for an instrument or bow priced at least 50% higher.  Full size instruments or bows purchased for more than $3,000, will receive trade-in credit towards an instrument or bow priced at least 30% higher. Trade-in credit includes credit accrued from a rental or earlier trade-in of an instrument or bow.  Trade-in credit may only be applied towards the purchase of the same type of instrument or bow.  We reserve the exclusive right to judge the condition of an instrument, the cost of necessary repairs.  We also reserve the right to refuse instruments which have suffered damage that significantly lowers their value.

Please call us if you have any questions or concerns about anything you have read here.
Thank you for choosing the Long Island Violin Shop, and happy music making!