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In-Home Trials

You may visit us and try instruments and bows in one of our private soundproof studios. We are glad to help you narrow your choice down to several instruments and allow you to take them, without cost or obligation, for a home tryout and teacher approval, for a 10 day trial period. You must leave a valid credit card number on file with us in order to take any instruments out on trial.

We also ship acoustic instruments and bows for home trial anywhere within the continental United States. We can ship to your home or place of business (an adult signature will be required) and generally ship orders of in-stock items within 1-2 business days.

You may try up to 2 violins, 2 violas, (we currently do not ship cellos or basses), and up to 4 bows for a 10 day trial period. You will be charged for shipping to and from your destination, unless you purchase one of the instruments or bows, in which case we will credit you for the return shipping cost for any other instruments or bows.

Listed below are estimates of typical shipping charges that you might expect:

- 1-4 Bows:                                       $25-$35
- 1 Violin/Viola and up to 4 bows:           $35
- 2 Violins/Violas and up to 4 bows:        $50 

We will email you a customer-specific Trial Agreement that must be signed and returned (via fax or scan/email) before we ship your items. We prefer to ship trials early in the week (Monday - Wednesday) to avoid items being in transit over a weekend, but exceptions may be made depending on weather conditions and the shipping destination.

The 10 day trial period will begin on the date that instruments/bows are shipped from our store.  Please examine any goods you receive from us to be sure you have received them in good condition, and notify us immediately if you suspect that they have suffered any damage en route.  Make sure to save the shipping box and any packing material for the safe return of any items that you will not be purchasing.

If you wish to return any item(s), make sure that you follow closely our shipping directions when returning your items. Instruments must be sent back by the stated date in your trial agreement with all accompanying materials and accessories, in as-new condition.  For each day late you will be assessed a $5 late fee.

Please keep in mind that you are fully responsible for the safe return of merchandise to the Long Island Violin Shop, and all losses, including loss of value of any damaged merchandise, are your sole responsibility

And as always, please contact us with any questions or concerns.