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Bow Rehairs and Repairs

Whether you need a simple bow rehair, some additional maintenance or a major restoration, our expert work will let you achieve your bow achieve its full potential.

After replacing strings, changing the hair on your bow is the most frequent maintenance performed.  A proper rehair, with top quality hair  correctly installed is essential for the playability and tone of your bow. We use the finest unbleached imported horsehair wedded to our expertise to keep your bow in perfect playing condition. 

We are known for not only solving existing problems but foreseeing and forestalling developing ones.  The subtle and complex relationship between you and your instrument are taken into account in all our repair work, so we always examine the instrument carefully before giving an estimate of repair.  Rest assured, no work is ever undertaken without your prior consent. If you need to borrow a bow while yours is being rehaired/repaired we will be glad to loan you one at no extra charge.

Every bow that comes to us passes through our 10 Point Bow Inspection to ensure your satisfaction, whether you are a student or professional.

10 Point Bow Inspection

Straightness & camber
Adjuster and eyelet
Leather ring
Excessive wear on stick
Pearl slide & eyes 

If you are unsure about whether or not it's time to rehair your bow, then you might want to read our blog article Knowing When it's Time to Rehair Your Bow.

Shipping Bows 

Some of our customers ship their instruments and bows to us for repairs and bow rehairs. Some are near, and some are on the other side of the country. While this is not without risk, if packed properly the risk is not much greater than if you bring them here yourself. We do our part to make shipping safe, easy and reliable. We can advise you on safely transporting your treasures and have instructions for the safe packaging and transport of instruments and bows. We have our own custom-made shipping boxes that offer special protection and can be sent to you for a nominal fee.   

Before shipping, you should call us first to review your needs. After we receive and examine your bows, we will be in tough. Rest assured, no work is ever undertaken without your prior consent.