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How Does Our Instrument Rental Program Work?

  • Select the instrument you would like to rent
  • Select from our Standard or Scholastic premium rentals
  • Select what size instrument and accessories you need
  • Fill out our rental agreement form
  • Proceed to checkout
  • Pay for the first three months
  • After the first three months, billing is month to month
  • Choose in-store pick up or we can ship the instrument to you
  • Return any time after the first three months

Rental Overview

  • Rental credit accrues at 100% with no limit as long as you continue to rent!
  • Credit can be used for up to 50% of the price of a new instrument
  • We specialize in the violin family and have only the finest quality rental 
  • Two rental plans to fit every budget and musician
    • Our Standard rentals are of a higher quality than other rental programs
    • Our Scholastic premium rentals are perfect for advancing students looking for the right balance of tone aesthetics and playability
  • Our service is second to none.
    All of our rental instruments are maintained in house by skilled luthiers
  • Our zero deductible protection plan is included with every rental

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