Instrument Maintenance Workshops

The LIVS Brings Our Free Instrument Maintenance Workshops To Your School!

By learning basic care and simple maintenance, your students will gain an understanding of their instruments and bows, how to care for them, and learn new respect for musical traditions.

At no cost to you, a Long Island Violin Shop's instrument and bow expert will visit your school and present a fascinating workshop on instrument maintenance to your students.

Our associates are experienced speakers whose presentations can be geared towards Elementary through High School students. LIVS' Instrument Maintenance Workshop presentation is easily done in one school period.

Our Free Workshop Answers Questions Like These:

  • Where Was The Violin Invented & By Whom?
  • Why Are Some Violins So Expensive?
  • What Cleaning & Maintenance Should A Player Know?
  • How Do I Care For My Bow?
  • What Should I Know About Humidity & My Instrument?
  • How Often Are Repairs & Maintenance Needed?
  • When Should I Bring My Instrument To A Professional?

Don't miss out on this opportunity. Please fill out the form on the right to inquire about bringing this free workshop to your school today!

LIVS Instrument Maintenance Workshops

The Long Island Violin Shop has a long history of bringing quality programming to our local community. From Charles Rufino's Instrument Repair Workshops for Music Educators to David Wong's Electric Strings Workshops, the LIVS is committed to creating a strong sense of community for Long Island Orchestral String players.

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