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Carbon Fiber Violin Bows

Carbon fiber violin bows are a more recently introduced option for violinists to consider when choosing their ideal bows. Unlike wood violin bows, these types of bows are made from synthetic materials. More precisely, they consist of hair-like fibers that are fused together to form the bow. 

A violin bow that is made from carbon fiber offers the player most of the unique characteristics that every violinist desires in their bow, such as flexibility, durability, and an impressive lightness. In fact, carbon fiber violin bows can offer many of the same attributes as expensive wood bows but without the maintenance needs and climate considerations a wood bow demands. 

Unlike wood, a carbon fiber violin bow won’t expand or contract with temperature fluctuations. It is also resistant to warping, and it is so strong that it won’t snap easily at the tip or break when in the hands of a younger player. 

Carbon Fiber Bows for Violins

Because of the steadfastness of carbon fiber violin bows, it is not uncommon for advanced violinists to own both a wood bow and a carbon fiber bow. But for those being introduced to the instrument for the first time, choosing a carbon fiber bow can sometimes make the most sense thanks to the material’s near unbreakable qualities. These bows also present a very good value for the money, as they are usually priced lower than premium wooden bows. 

The important thing to remember is that every bow is unique. How it flows across the instrument, the sounds it can produce, and how it feels in your hand can all vary greatly between different bows. The key to finding the perfect carbon fiber violin bow is therefore in comparing them while playing your violin. 

Like your violin, the bow you choose is an investment in your musical journey. So, you want to make sure you choose the right bow for your skill level and expectations. When you put your trust in the Long Island Violin Shop, you have our word that we’ll do everything we can to help you find the best carbon fiber violin bows for your goals. Call our retail store at (855) 343-3535 and our staff of players and luthiers will help guide you to finding the perfect violin bow for you.