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Ask the Violin Doctor - Winter Humidifying Alert

Ask the Violin Doctor - Winter Humidifying Alert

The importance of humidifying your violin in the winter months.K.J.P. from Deer Park asks:
Do I really need to humidify my instrument?
I never had a problem before and don't like rubber hoses in the soundholes.

The Violin Doctor says:
We don't like rubber hoses either- they damage instruments and are messy.  We recommend the Stretto humidifier bags and hygrometer.  The Sensor gives a digital readout of how dry it is and the humidifier bag provides humidification for up to two weeks.  If you live in a very dry place, you can get a second humidifier for your case.

A humidifier is necessary to avoid cracks whenever an instrument is going to be kept at a low relative humidity (under 35%).  Dryness cracks are expensive to repair and are not covered by insurance.  And, the past is no guarantee of the future, especially if you move to a dryer place.  In general, if the outside temperature is at 32 degrees, it is time to fill up your humidifier and use it!

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