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Spotlight: Rental Credit

Our Rental Credit Program is unlike any other. At the LIVS, we fully expect our renters will embrace music and aspire to purchase an instrument of their own. As a renter with the LIVS, your path to ownership couldn't be any easier. Each rental is an investment in your future instrument.

While other shops give you rental credit for the first year, or diminishing returns on your rental investment, the LIVS applies 100% of your monthly rental (not including protection plan) to the purchase of a new instrument for as long as you rent.

Let's say you rented a Standard 4/4 Violin from the LIVS @ $29mo. for 3 years before deciding to purchase your dream instrument. When you trade in your rental, you'll have $1044 to apply towards the purchase of a new instrument. How amazing is that? Your rental credit retained 100% of it's equity, and now you can apply it to 50% of the purchase price of a new instrument. Want to buy a Fredrich Wyss valued at $3721? You pay $2677! It's that simple.