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Introducing The NS Design WAV5 Electric Violin

Introducing The NS Design WAV5 Electric Violin

NS Design Wav5 Electric Violin

The NS Design WAV 5 string violin is revolutionizing the affordable electric violin world. At $699, it is the least expensive 5 string on the market and, believe it or not, one of the better sounding instruments up to $1,000 as well.

By adding a low C string, violinists get the added range of a viola, while the fingerboard width and bridge’s arching make transitioning from 4 to 5 strings easy. Tone is outstanding for its price range because it also uses Ned Steinberger’s patented pickup system. The WAV violin uses the same easily adjustable and ergonomic shoulder pad system as the $2699 NS Design CR violins, and the upper bout is removable for easy shifting.

The NS Design WAV 5 violin is a wonderful product for any player looking for a great electric violin under $1,000!

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