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Guide To Choosing The Right Strings

Guide To Choosing The Right Strings

4 coiled violin strings

Lately, many customers have come in looking for different sounds from their strings. This ranges from wanting a sound that is brighter, darker, warmer, louder, etc. We decided that it might be helpful to explain the differences between different strings.

Here is a link to Laurie Niles’s website, This particular page gives an in depth look at many strings on the market today. I will follow with a succinct description of the more popular strings we sell.

  • Vision Standard – We use these on most of our instruments. They are a balanced string that breaks in fairly quickly. They are a little bit bright but fairly open in sound.

  • Vision Solo – These are a punchier version of the Vision Standards. We have many customers who swear by them. They have a nice rich sound that will project quite well.

  • Dominant – The standard for strings. A little bit darker than visions, but project well. Think of these as being inoffensive; you can’t go wrong with them.

  • Evah Pirazzi- These strings are slightly bright and very loud. They take awhile to break in, but if you are looking to be heard, look no further. High tension, sometimes too high for some, but full bodied sound that will fill a hall. Great for giving more core to darker instruments.

  • Obligato- These strings sound a little more like gut strings. They are the opposite side of the spectrum to the Pirazzis. They have a darker sound, more popular in the European market. Great for mellowing bright instruments.

  • D’Addario Zyex- Bright sound. They are D’Addario’s answer to Evah Pirazzi. They take a day or two to settle and project well. Worth a try if you like Evah Pirazzis.

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