As An Adult Beginner, Can I Teach Myself To Play The Violin?

Woman standing and playing the violin

You can try, but we strongly recommend you get a teacher for several reasons. Bowed instruments are trickier to start playing than many other popular instruments and an experienced teacher will allow you to make rapid progress without learning bad habits.

There are many excellent resources for learning the violin but no book, DVD, or YouTube video can take the place of a live person who can observe you and your particular individual needs. A good teacher knows where you are and where you need to go. Trust in their expertise, and save yourself a lot of time and energy developing bad habits.

The Long Island Violin Shop offers lessons at our store and also free lists of private teachers in your area.

The Long Island Violin Shop
The Long Island Violin Shop


The Long Island Violin Shop is a premier full-service shop for players of bowed string instruments. We offer instruments and bows of exceptional value for players of all ages, ability levels and budget. Our other services include rentals (with rent-to-own plans), expert repairs, bow rehairs, appraisals, consignments, music lessons and more...

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