Catch The Spirit - Revelle Products & Thomastik Infeld Spirit! Strings

The Long Island Violin Shop is proud to offer a special promotion featuring Revelle Products, and Spirit! Strings. Act now, and you'll receive a free set of strings with the purchase of Revelle instruments or outfits. Want to try out a Revelle bow or case? Get $10 off a new set of Spirit! strings to make your Violin or Cello sing.

To redeem this coupon in store, simply ask one of our sales associates to apply the offer to your purchase.

Online, the Free Set of Spirit Strings will automatically be included with your order of a Revelle instrument or outfit. To redeem the $10 off coupon with the purchase of any Revelle Bow or Case, you must have both products in your shopping cart and use coupon code SPIRITV for Violin Strings or SPIRITC for Cello Strings at checkout.

This offer expires January 31st 2015.

The Long Island Violin Shop
The Long Island Violin Shop


The Long Island Violin Shop is a premier full-service shop for players of bowed string instruments. We offer instruments and bows of exceptional value for players of all ages, ability levels and budget. Our other services include rentals (with rent-to-own plans), expert repairs, bow rehairs, appraisals, consignments, music lessons and more...

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