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Violin of the Month: David T. Van Zandt

Violin of the Month: David T. Van Zandt

LIVS_DVZ130 Years of Violin Craft

Professional luthier David T. Van Zandt is a Seattle based maker crafting impressive instruments for modern and period performance alike.

The LIVS is proud to be featuring this beautiful 354mm 4/4 Size Violin from the Van Zandt workshop at our Huntington Village Retail Location.

Van Zandt Original - Inspired by Late Period Del Gesu

David T. Van Zandt

Detailed Flaming and Antique Varnish on Scroll 


Distinctive Del Gesu Inspired Styling


Flamed Maple Select European Tonewoods


The Long Island Violin Shop is featuring this Late Del Gesu model from master maker David T. Van Zandt. Diplomat of the Violin Making School of America, this Seattle based luthier recently sent us a beautiful instrument that displays a distressed antique varnish technique. This stunning 354mm 4/4 Violin size is crafted from European Tonewoods producing plenty of power and range. Now on display at our Huntington Location, the tone of this violin is characterized by a broad, powerful dark tone.

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