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The LIVS Takes a Trip to Two West Islip Middle Schools

The LIVS Takes a Trip to Two West Islip Middle Schools

The LIVS Free Instrument Maintenance Workshop taught by Samantha Kadisch
Earlier this month, The Long Island Violin Shop's very own Samantha Kadish spent the day with Ms. Fawess' sixth-grade orchestra classes at Beach Street Middle School and Udall Road Middle School in West Islip.

Sam's workshop focuses on teaching elementary through high school orchestra students the best methods and practices for maintaining string instruments. Over the course of her afternoon with the two classes, Sam taught students how to clean the bodies and strings of their instruments, check for warped/misplaced bridges and knock their violins for open seams.

Here are some highlights from the workshop:

Sam leading the class.
Time to check the bridge! A properly placed bridge is a stable bridge.
Clean strings are a must! Some strings just take longer to clean than others.
Who doesn't love good demonstration on proper cleaning techniques?
Knock, knock – are there any loose seams hiding here?
How about here?

To learn more about Sam's Workshop or the other great programs offered by The Long Island Violin Shop click here!

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