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Antonio Stradivari

Any violinist, or lover of music for that matter, has heard the name Stradivarius. The name is practically synonymous with the violin. But what many may not know is that Stradivarius is the Latinized form of Stradivari, the last name of the man who reinvented the art of designing and crafting classical instruments such as the violin, viola, cello, harp, and guitar.

In the following series of posts, we will take you on a deep dive into the life and works of legendary violin maker, Antonio Stradivari.

Who is Antonio Stradivari?

Antonio Stradivari was an 18th Century Italian luthier and a craftsman of string instruments who created 1,116 instruments, 960 of which were violins. Today, roughly 650 of his instruments still survive. It is estimated that anywhere from 450 to 512 of those instruments are violins. His instruments are commonly referred to as Stradivarius or “Strads.”

Where is Stradivari From?

Antonio Stradivari was born in northern Italy, in the city of Cremona in the country’s Lombardy region. Learn more

When was Stradivari Born?

Stradivari’s birthdate has been debated by historians for years because there is no evidence to support the exact day and year of his birth. It is estimated that Stradivari was born between 1644 and 1649.

When Did Stradivari Die?

Antonio Stradivari died on December 18, 1737. Learn more

The Stradivari Family of Violin Makers

The Stradivari family has a long history of being among the world’s foremost violin makers. Two of Antonio Stradivari’s three sons would go on to follow their father’s calling.

Who was Stradivari’s Teacher?

Antonio Stradivari’s teacher is believed to be Niccolo Amati, who was one of the leading violin makers in Cremona at the time.

Stradivarius - What Makes it Special?

Stradivarius violins are considered the benchmark for violin craftsmanship around the world because they are believed to produce superior sound compared to other instruments. An original Strad is so prized that it commands millions of dollars when purchased today.

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