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Cello Rock Stops for Everyone

Cello Rock Stops for Everyone

Every musical instrument has an array of accessories to aid in greater ease while playing. Rock stops are a standard accessory for cellists, essential for keeping your cello in one, ideal place. The Xeros Cello End-pin Anchor has firmly established itself as a standard for cellists across the world. Lightweight, with durable materials, Xeros endpin anchors last cellists for years. Since the Xeros cello end-pin Anchor is complete with a strap, it allows for cellists to have a consistent distance for their endpin to rest on the floor, allowing for comfort in their set up. If you are searching for something with an artistic flare, check out this Artino rock stop. Available in lovely wood, and shaped like a cello, it’s sure to be a show stopper in the cello section. Cello cases tend to come with a small pouch to store accessories. Since its space is limited, it is a prized commodity. Many musicians like to carry extra strings, rosin, and their rock stop in this pocket. Rock stops tend to be the bulkiest item in this array. 

Essential Cello Accessories: The Rock Stop

Cello Rock Stops also come in variations without a strap. Some may opt for this variation of rock stop due to their smaller size, as they do not have the bulk of a fabric strap. This is really helpful, as many cello cases possess a rather small pouch for cellists to store their musical aiding trinkets. However, some cellists find that these accessories tend to slip out from under their cello, especially if they prefer to play with their endpin far away from your chair. There are many tricks amongst cellists to aid in the adhesiveness of these tools, many resulting in moistening the bottom of the rock stop, allowing it to be stickier. However, many prefer to use a strap in order to avoid the hassle. Other cellists swear by them and use them all the time. This type of rock stop is usually the least expensive option.

Revolutionary Cello Rock Stops by Dolfinos

Dolfinos, a Swiss brand which set out in 2014 to, in accordance with their website, ‘revolutionize equipment for musicians’. In regards to strapless cello rock stops, they have certainly succeeded. They sell 3 variations of their Cello Grip-foot, Providing an array of options for cellists. This rock stop is unique for it comes in two parts, a plastic upper disc for the rockstop to sit on, and a detachable rubber sole for the disc to sit on. True to the company’s claim for the product, the rock stop does not budge horizontally once it is laid on the floor. Dolfinos also makes a rock stop that attaches, with a bolt, to your endpin. This is the Dolfinos Cello Grip-Foot-Connectors Edition. This allows for precise placement of the rock stop each time you play.

Lightweight and Reliable: Dolfinos Cello Grip-Foot

The Dolfinos Cello Grip-foot’s weigh in at a mere 40 Grams (1.41 oz), a negligible weight. Additionally due to its slim disc design, it adds less bulk to a bag then a rock stop with a strap. The Dolphino’s provides cellists the ease of transportation, while having the reliability of a strapped endpin anchor. In addition to selling the rock stop, Dolfinos sells replacements for the grippy pad on the bottom of the rock stop, ensuring that your product will work for as long as possible. Dolfinos will stick to any surface, wood, glass, marble, and will not budge. 

From student level through professional, rock stops are a primary accessory for cellists and finding the right one is essential. 

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