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Cracking Down on Pernambuco Trafficking

In March we published a story about the International Alliance of Violin and Bow Makers for Endangered Species and the important work they are doing in promoting efforts to conserve endangered species used in violin and bow making. These species include rosewood, ebony, maple and pernambuco, the wood used to make violin bows. One of the conservation efforts the Alliance supports is the International Pernambuco Conservatory Initiative (IPCI) which is a nonprofit organization working to promote sustainable use of the species and using science-based conservation tactics to regrow pernambuco.

Last month, the Strad published an article about a federal police-launched operation in Brazil (IBAMA) that took place at the end of November to investigate criminals profiting from selling illegally sourced pernambuco. The operation was supported by agents from the Brazilian Institute for Environment and Renewable Natural Resources in addition to officials from the US Fish and Wildlife Service. The investigation was instigated as a result of inspections recently carried out by IBAMA during which 42,000 illegally sourced bow sticks were seized.

Click here to read the whole article from the Strad.

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