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Rent Early This Summer - Supply Shortages are Coming!

We recently sent out emails urging our customers to reserve their rentals now for the next school year because we are foreseeing rental shortages this fall. Businesses everywhere are reporting shortages in products and supplies including everything from electronics to food additives. If you've had any work done on your home recently, then you'll know that several weeks ago lumber prices skyrocketed and are now just beginning to come down. Supply chain shortages are all too real lately and one of the main reasons is shortages in shipping containers.

The problem started in early 2020 with a slowdown in shipping due to Covid restrictions. This was then followed by a buildup of shipping containers at most ports which overburdened their abilities to move shipping containers in and out in a timely fashion. The slowdown was further exacerbated by the Ever Given accident in the Suez Canal this year which virtually brought shipping to a grinding halt in that region. Ships are now in such a hurry to turn around that they do not have time to wait for all of their containers to be emptied and reloaded for the return trip.

Returning to school is going to be stressful enough this year. We don't want finding a rental instrument to add to that stress. That's why we are encouraging our customers to reserve a rental with us now so that they can be sure to have one when school starts in the fall.

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