Review of Charles Rufino's Masterclass: "Instrument Repair for the String Educator"

"As teachers, we have to be prepared for all kinds of unthinkable situations and be able to effectively react in the moment! As string teachers, add the unthinkable instrument damages to that list! I highly recommend taking this summer course if you are interested in string instrument repairs, and I especially recommend it to sharpen your know-how skills to be able to fix problems on the fly! From strings breaking to seams coming unglued, all aspects of making the instruments playable again will be covered and this course is time well spent with a very enjoyable group of colleagues!" - Catherine Colquhoun - Westbury Middle School Orchestra Director

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The Long Island Violin Shop
The Long Island Violin Shop


The Long Island Violin Shop is a premier full-service shop for players of bowed string instruments. We offer instruments and bows of exceptional value for players of all ages, ability levels and budget. Our other services include rentals (with rent-to-own plans), expert repairs, bow rehairs, appraisals, consignments, music lessons and more...

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