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Setting up For a Musical Summer

Setting up For a Musical Summer

The temperatures are rising, the days are getting longer, and Ralph's Italian Ices is open and ready for business. With all the joy that summer brings, it is only natural that music making joins their ranks. Many find themselves with extra leisure time in the warmer months, and what better way to fill them then by spending some quality time with your string instrument.

Summer Music Lessons

The summer is a great time to begin taking private lessons. At the Long Island Violin Shop, we offer music lessons all year round. Young students, excited to start in the fall, may rent their instrument now and get a jump start on the fall. For those who are still in school, and have their musical activities paused for the summer, taking private lessons is a wonderful opportunity to continue your practice. Additionally, you may even get ahead and start the next school year being a violin master. For those who are out of school, taking lessons is a wonderful opportunity to not only continue your musical growth, but also find a community. We have an active group of adults at various stages.  All of our students frequently take part in our recital programs throughout the year. By coming into the Long Island Violin Shop, you will find many musicians, at different stages of their journeys, but with the same passion. 

Take Your Instrument for a Check Up

Visiting your local luthier on a biannual basis is the number one way to guarantee your instrument staying in optimal shape. Due to summertime humidity, our delicate wooden instruments are likely to swell. While this is likely to be fine, it could result in pegs getting jammed tightly into the peg box, or seams opening on the instrument. Just as you take yourself to the doctor to maintain your health, bringing your instrument to your local luthier is the best way to maintain your instruments health.

It is also important to watch your bow hair. Bow hair, just like your own hair, is subject to changes in the weather. It will stretch and contract as the humidity changes. Be sure to thoroughly loosen your bow, check to see if it needs to be rehaired.

Rosin in the Summer

Depending on your climate, you may use more or less rosin at different times of the year due to humidity and dryness. Some musicians like to keep a dark rosin for the dry winter months and a light rosin for the summer. Dark rosin is softer and stickier and may or may not be your best choice for the dog days of summer. Other musicians rosin less often or use less. It’s a personal choice but all rosins will affect your sound. Be careful not to over rosin in the summer because the heat will make your rosin stickier and you may not like your tone.

We carry a large selection of rosin for all instruments and will be happy to help you special order an item that you don’t have in stock.

Summer Concerts

Be sure to enjoy your time away from work or school and even away from your instrument. Major orchestras often have a summer concert series, such as the Philadelphia Orchestra at Saratoga. Be sure to check them out and try and attend one. They make for a fun evening that can be tied into a vacation.

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