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Top-Notch Apps for Bringing out the Budding Musician in You

Top-Notch Apps for Bringing out the Budding Musician in You

Did you know you’re never too old to pick up an instrument? In fact, learning to play as an adult can benefit your quality of life, helping with things like stress reduction, improved cognitive function, and a better understanding of music. With that in mind, why not give it a whirl? There are apps to help you along, and you can always rent an instrument to get started. You have much to gain, so jump in with these tips!

Getting Started 

Having terrific apps is one thing, but they won’t do you any good if your phone lacks the capability to run them. If you’re overdue for an upgrade, it’s a great time to invest. A state-of-the-art phone can become an integral tool in your learning and growth, and there are many models out there that are just the ticket. If you require an upgrade, look into highly rated options so you make sure your money is well spent. You’ll also want to invest in a quality pair of earbuds or headphones so you can enjoy powerful and immersive sound as you learn an instrument.

Try These Top-Notch Apps

Once you’ve taken care of your phone needs, add these apps to help the musician inside you blossom!

GarageBand. GarageBand is a great option for beginners, and PCMag points out it’s one of the most versatile learning apps available. It promises a clean layout with user-friendly instruction, ample features, and there is even an extensive library of sounds available to stir your creative juices.

Yousician. If you’re thinking a month-to-month plan might be the best way for you to jump in, Yousician might be the place to start. For those interested in ukulele, guitar, piano, and bass, it’s free to get started, with upgrades you can pay for later on. You can choose monthly or annual subscriptions, and have the option to cancel at any time. 

Uberchord. Aimed especially at those learning to play guitar, Uberchord is a terrific choice for learning about strumming, rhythm, and chords. It promises to grow with you as you develop your skills, with options for gradual advancement. There is even real-time assistance with improving your fingering, timing, and accuracy. On top of that, there is a song catalog with over 100 famous songs you can learn to play.

Tunable. Once you decide on a lesson-oriented tool, Colin Dorman notes Tunable is a great supplemental app to help you develop your ear. It offers musicians a tuner, metronome, and a recorder to learn about adjusting the sound they are generating with their instruments. Available to both iOS and Android users, it’s a handy tool for getting a better feel for sounding more like a pro.

MuseScore. Whenever you reach the stage where you’re ready to start writing your own pieces, MuseScore is a fun place to start. It has the capability to turn what you’re playing into a score, or there are templates to input the notes you want. On top of that, there are several export options that allow you to blend your work with other pieces or share with other composers. Getting feedback can be a key to your growth, so if you dabble in writing your own scores, be sure to take advantage of this feature.

Reaching for the Next Level

Learning to play a musical instrument is not only fun, for many it’s a career. Yes, it requires talent, dedication, and a lifetime of practice to play at the level of the pros. But being a professional musician isn’t the only career, not by a longshot. Like any business that’s generated money, music has also generated offshoot careers. Learning to play can lead to learning to record, or to maybe work on the legal side of things. Wherever your playing leads, and whatever you decide to do with it, you’ll be playing music and surrounded by other music lovers. It can’t get any better than that.

Whether music is your livelihood or just something to do in your downtime, your phone can be your partner in learning. Make sure it's up to snuff, and explore the many apps out there that can help you become the musician you want to be.

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