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Upgrading Your Instrument

Upgrading Your Instrument

by Erica Garcia

So, you want to upgrade your instrument. This is a big step, and it may be an emotional one as well. The relationship between player and instrument is intimate, and the decision to part ways is major.

Reasons to Upgrade Your Instrument

There are many reasons to upgrade your instrument, the most common being that you outgrew your current one, either physically or skill wise. String instruments come in different sizes, and if a young student is on a ¾ or ½ size, they will need to upgrade to a full size when they’ve grown enough. In order to play optimally, students should play on instruments that are the proper size. Or maybe, a player is already on a full size, but their playing level has increased to that of one of a higher level than their instrument. Whatever your reason may be for upgrading, there are several things you should keep in mind throughout the process.

Selecting Your Next Instrument

Buying an instrument is a major investment, you should make sure to choose wisely. At the Long Island Violin Shop, we have a wide selection for you to choose from and our expert staff will provide you with personal attention to ensure your instrument fits you as well as your budget. Additionally, you can take our instruments out on loan, so you can take them to your teachers, family, and friends, to get their opinion. Make sure you love the instrument you will potentially play for years. You may be nervous that an instrument you adore will be sold to a different customer while you are busy shopping. No worries! We can hold an instrument for a week while you make your decision.

How Much Does an Instrument Upgrade Cost?

There are many tiers of instruments, from beginner to professional. If you are a parent purchasing a first instrument for your child, a student model will provide a wonderful place to start your musical journey. If you have been playing for a few years, and are ready to commit further, consider an intermediate to advanced instrument. As instruments ascend in tiers, the tone and the craftsmanship improve. Bringing out these tonal qualities will be a pleasure for the musician. As a musician advances, gaining more control over themselves and their technique, acquiring an instrument in an appropriate tier level will exponentially increase their musical growth.

Choosing the Right Time to Upgrade

This is a personal decision. If you have outgrown your instrument physically, you should upgrade as soon as possible. Playing on an improperly sized instrument will hinder your musical development, in addition to simply being awkward. If your teacher is telling you to consider buying a better instrument, that is a solid indicator that your skill level exceeds what your equipment is able to provide. Upgrading your instrument will allow you to progress at a faster rate which is incredibly important for a serious music student. The Long Island Violin Shop has a wonderful trade-up policy, making it easy and affordable for our customers to acquire the instrument of their dreams. Whatever you decide to do, at the Long Island Violin Shop we are here to address all of your needs and concerns and look forward to assisting you in any way we can on your musical journey!

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