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What We're Listening To: Ѐdouard Lalo "Cello Concerto in D minor"

What We're Listening To: Ѐdouard Lalo "Cello Concerto in D minor"

Edouard LaloЀdouard Lalo (1823-1892) was a French composer during the Romantic period. Though he is not one of the more recognizable names in French music, he had a very distinct style which earned him some popularity. One of his most notable works is the Symphonie Espagnole for violin and orchestra, which still hold a prominent place in the violin repertoire today.

During his youth, he attended a conservatory in his hometown of Lille, and proceeded to Paris Conservatoire at age 16. He became the founding conductor of Orchestre de la Société des Concerts du Conservatoire during his time there. He later worked full time as a string player and teacher in Paris, performing regularly in the Armingaud Quartet as a violist and second violinist. Lalo dedicated most of his career to writing chamber music and works for orchestra.

Included below is a link to another of Lalo’s most famous works, the first movement of his Cello Concerto in D minor performed by cellist William Molina Cestari. Cestari is accompanied by the Simόn Bolívar Symphony Orchestra under the direction of esteemed conductor Gustavo Dudamel. The first movement of this concerto opens lento, or in a slow tempo, and moves into the exciting Allegro maestoso, a faster tempo in a more majestic manner.

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