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Orofino Violin #4038

$ 7,000.00

The Orofino is our own unique "shop brand" of instrument. These instruments are made from the finest materials are refined to precise specifications right here in our workshop.

After our master violin makers choose a candidate to be re-crafted, we begin our extensive process to remake the instrument from the inside out for superior resonance, tonal quality, and player comfort: 

- the top is removed 

- the interior is re-worked to professional specifications
- the thicknesses of the sides, top and back are adjusted
- a tonally superior new bass bar is fitted
- our secret sauce for tonal improvement is applied to the interior before it is closed up

- the neck and fingerboard are reshaped to professional specifications for ease of playability

Afterwards, each Orofino is finished with the same handmade varnishes applied to Charles Rufino’s Master instruments. Finally, the instrument gets a professional quality set up with fine quality pegs, soundpost, bridge and tailpiece and strung up with the highest grade of strings. 

Musicians can enjoy a truly custom, handmade instrument for a fraction of the price of one of Charles Rufino’s professional instruments. 

Each Orofino is unique!  This one feature boxwood fittings, highly flamed back and moderate antiquing.  A beauty!  

Orofino Violin #4038

$ 7,000.00