Peter Infeld PI100 Violin Strings - Full Set

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Designed for the discriminating musician, Peter Infeld strings feature instant bow response, superior tuning stability and a soft feel to the left hand. Peter Infeld strings have the versatile ability to produce complex tones and unparalleled sound colors for the violinist and audience.

These Infeld Signature Strings feature exotic metal windings and come in 4/4 size at medium gauge. The E String has three finish options for the discerning player to choose from and features a convertible Ball / Loop End. Purchase these strings individually or as a set. When choosing your set, be sure to take note of the various E-String choices...

A String - Aluminum Wound, Ball End
D String - Silver Wound, Ball End
E String - Platinum Plated w/ Convertible Ball / Loop End
G String - Silver Wound, Ball End