ArcRest for Violin

by ArcRest
$ 40.00

The design of the ArcRest is based on the great players of the 20th century who balanced the violin on three points: the collarbone, the jaw, and the hand. The ArcRest does not disturb the natural relationship between the instrument and the player, but allows it to sit in its natural position on the collarbone, supported by the ArcRest, allowing the player to move the violin freely while playing. This natural, proper setup is especially important for violinists who are just beginning, as it will help them form good habits in holding and playing that will stick with them as they progress.

The ArcRest is held securely in place by a durable silicone band. It feels nearly weightless at 0.4 oz (11g), and gently touches at only four tiny points, allowing the violin to achieve its full, natural resonance. The difference is clear! To accommodate players of every body shape and size, we offer interchangeable pads of different heights. The position of the ArcRest is infinitely adjustable. The ArcRest will also never, ever scratch your varnish!