Pirastro Chorda Gut Core Double Bass Strings

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Pirastro's Chorda Double Bass Strings are renowned for the warmth of their sound and the size of their range. This dynamic set of Gut Bass Strings have a low tension, helping to ensure left hand comfort, while also being well suited for Pizzicato playing and the playing of Early Music. The ability of these strings to maintain sweeping sustains and warm tones makes them a fantastic choice for any musician.

This set of Chorda Double Bass Strings from Pirastro features an A and E strings wound with Silver-Plated Copper Wire and plain Sheep Gut G and D strings. All strings are available in Full Size (3/4) in Medium gauge and feature Loop Ends. Feel free to select individual replacement strings or the Full Set when making your purchase. 

Category: Bass Strings

Vendor: Pirastro

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